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" Music has the power to loosen the grip of pure emotions. The  enthusiasm of the heart expresses itself involuntarily in a burst of song... from immemorial times the inspiring effect of the invisible sound that moves all hearts, and draws them together, has  mystified mankind"              from the  I CHING 


RICH ONORATO is an accomplished life-long singer-songwriter known for his eclectic song-writing ability and high energy live performances.  Over the  years. Rich has  written over 100 songs ranging from Pop to Rock to Rhythm and Blues and Jazz.  He is  influenced by many artists and styles and is unabashed in citing these influences. In addition to playing in a live musical act for the past 40 years, Rich has contributed his music to many other projects including an Off-Broadway production of  George Orwell's"1984"; Starline Film's  documentary "Anyone's Son" and Primed 's  podcast "Frankly Speaking About Family Medicine "with  Frank Domino, MD .


"Since learning to play the piano at age five, I have always been writing and creating my own songs. Rather than spending time on refining my technique on classical standards that were part of my lessons, I always found myself drifting into composing my  own songs , often  using the classical pieces as  a baseline. 


I have been inspired by many people, places and events in my life and have found comfort in writing music especially in times of  great anxiety, stress and hurt.  Playing and writing music has always served as my sanctuary and retreat.

Over many years, I have  played in numerous live bands based in  the  New York City Metro area and with  many great musicians who  have contributed their  time, energy and talents  performing my original  songs  in front of live audiences.  To them, I am  deeply indebted. In addition, I have  always taken great  pride in playing with musicians in bands that were known for their high energy live performances and where original songs were co-mingled  in  with standard covers. Many of these songs  became known and loved by our audiences  throughout the years.

It has  also been a great privilege  to lend my musical talents in support of  raising money for  many worthwhile  local and  national charitable causes and concerns.

I  would  like to thank all my  friends  for  their  continual support  and  encouragement. There are too many to mention here - from grammar school, high school, college, Park Ridge, work, etc. but I hope you all know that I  have really appreciated  the time  you have taken to  come  out  to many  live  performances over the  years  -  whether trekking into NYC   in the mid 1980s when I was with The  Strangers showcasing original material  for various  record  companies;  or  driving  to far-flung gigs all over New York City, Northern NJ and New York’s  Hudson Valley .  To all of you, I am truly grateful .

I would  also like to thank my  parents Bruna and Francis Onorato  and  my  Aunt Raye Onorato  for their never- ending love and  support; my Grandfather, Rudy Lenzovich (who bought me  my first piano- (picture below) and my  Grandmothers, Amelia Lenzovich and Madeline Onorato. Thanks to my  siblings ( Lisa, Suzanne, Caroline and Frank)  for enduring my  continuous  and repetitive  pounding on the  piano (and singing!) when I  was  creating many of these songs.  

 ...And  most  of  all , I  would like to thank my  wife  Louise and my sons Brian and Michael who have  been patient  with my  passion  for  self-expression and my  love  for  music! Like my first  nuclear  family, they  too had  to endure  the  “music creation process”. Without their support, none of this would be possible. They  are  very  precious  to me  and I love them very much!

I hope you enjoy the  Songs of My Life"

                                                                                  Rich Onorato



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