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My Songs.

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Growing up  a child of the  60s and 70s .. ( Hell !) .. music  was everything and it was  omnipresent in our lives. My friends and I would always  be listening to music and  we'd spend  hours queueing up records and poring over and interpreting the lyrics. We were also fortunate to be  able to listen to every style and  genre that would  be playing on  top 40 and  AOR Radio stations in the New York City area and this would range  from folk to country to rock to R&B , Motown, heavy metal , bossa nova , jazz , progressive  rock ,etc.  We were also blessed to have musicians who were  not only dedicated to their craft , but who were also writing music that said something as they was trying to effect change in the world . My heroes were many:  The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd , The Rolling Stones,  Led Zeppelin, Santana, Allman Brothers, ELP, Yes, CSN&Y, Steely Dan, Cream, Traffic, Queen, Deep Purple, Chicago, Jethro Tull, Paul McCartney, Pete Townsend, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Billy Joel, Keith Emerson, John Lord, Rod Argent, Lyle Mays, Joe Sample , Pat Metheny,  Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Sting and on and on .


My songs  reflect the many genres, styles  and artists that are mentioned above and these  15, (for a start), are a small part of a  collection  of music that I have  written over the course of my life.  I will be  posting new  songs  every  few weeks .Please  be  sure  to check back from  time to time. Also  feel free to  drop me a line to provide some feedback.


If  you like what you hear please tell your  friends and direct them to this website!  Also check out  the Song Notes page  for some insight on each  song. 

Thanks  for  listening!   Hope that  you  enjoy !


All  words  and music -written  by Richard Onorato 


All songs  performed by  Rich Onorato using the  Yamaha MOX8 Music Production Synthesizer  ( which has  incredible samples  of almost  every  musical instrument imaginable ).

All Vocals  performed by Rich Onorato

Drum  Samples  were taken  from  the  Alesis  SR-16 and the Yamaha MOX8 Music Production Synthesizer


All songs  were recorded on the  Tascam  DP 24SD  Digital PortaStudio and were  Produced, Engineered and Mixed by  Rich Onorato

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