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I have been writing music since I started to play the piano at age 5. I used to get bored practicing - playing the same stuff over and over again. As a result, I would find myself experimenting, playing things "my way" and writing my own songs in order to keep my interest.  When I was 10, my grandmother who I was very close to- died. I found myself going to the piano for comfort by writing music. During this time I started writing my  first structured tunes ( i.e verses and choruses). I also was fortunate in that I had two piano teachers who provided continual encouragement for my writing and one (Mrs. Lamborghini) who allowed me to play my original songs in her annual spring concerts.  When was in 7th grade, I formed my first group with some classmates and in addition to learning various covers from our favorite bands- there was always an emphasis on writing original music. It was in here that I started to hone my craft.   In high school, this was also a theme with my band, Phenomenon and later with more serious bands- the Strangers and J2 O. Writing original music was always an exploration for me. I never locked myself into writing in one genre. Being that I was influenced by many musical artists and styles ranging from Rock, Motown, Progressive, Folk, Alternative, Jazz, Fusion, R &B , Country, etc. I always tried to emulate my heroes when writing my own material.  This page will feature a number of collections starting with Country Rock Corner and Pop Place.   I hope you enjoy listening to these songs.  On a Mobile Device? Please use HEADPHONES otherwise you may not hear the vocal tracks.  Thank you !

All Music and Lyrics Written by: Rich Onorato


All songs performed by Rich Onorato using the Yamaha MOX8 Music Production Synthesizer.


All Vocals performed by Rich Onorato

Drum Samples were taken from the Alesis SR-16 and the Yamaha MOX8 Music Production Synthesizer


All songs were recorded on the Tascam DP 24SD Digital PortaStudio and were Produced, Engineered and Mixed by  Rich Onorato

Country Rock Corner - 8 Songs

POP Place- 16 Songs

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